Lakewood Baseball Club

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Your 2017 Officers

Recent Board action resulted in the following elected positions:

President Paul Nimmo; Senior Vice-President Jeff Scarlett; Junior Vice-President Jay Davenport; Secretary Stella Clause; Treasurer Kai Jordan


Sunday’s October 16th – November 13th

Camp Details:

Infield camp will have a five-week fundamental progression. This includes proper fielding footwork on groundballs (regular, forehand, backhands, slow roller and bare hand) and proper footwork on throws to first base.

Players will also learn the proper technique on turning double plays from specific positions and on different types of ground balls. The Advanced group is geared towards high level players and the program is fast paced.

The 11yr and under group will be customized to each individual level and will be grouped accordingly. The program will consist of fielding, hitting, and throwing mechanics. Our goals are simple: we will try to instill new techniques and fundamentals in each camper and give them quality repetitions, which will improve their defensive abilities and approach to hitting.

2016 October WBA Camps.pdf


If you are interested in a Board position, please contact Jeff Scarlett at