PONY (our parent organization) has not fully supplied the leagues with the latest information on rule changes for 2018.  These will be made available as soon ass possible...

Most notable changes are:

Adoption of PitchSmart across all PONY leagues (as well as most youth baseball organizations)

Adoption of the new USA Bat standards

LBC adoption and implementation of Olympic and Cascade Conferences

PONY Baseball Rules 2017

Lakewood Baseball club reserves the right to make rules that are more restrictive that the PONY National Rules.  We do so with the best interest of our players in mind.

PONY Rulebook

General Rules

Lakewood Baseball Club Pony Baseball

Shetland Division (4-6) focuses on instruction for the beginning player.

2018 Shetland Rules (pending)

Pinto Division (8U) players continue to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball with an introduction to more advanced concepts.

2018 Pinto Rules (pending)

Mustang Division (10U) begin training in the complete game of baseball

2018 Mustang Rules (pending)

Bronco Division (12U) continue their development in the complete game of baseball

2018 Bronco Rules (pending)

Pony Division (14U) continue their development in the complete game of baseball, now being comparable to middle school and high school baseball governed by WIAA.

2018 Pony Rules (pending)

Divisions with Equipment needs...

Please use this form to request equipment from the Director of Equipment:

2017 Equipment Form